Client Stories

We are very proud of the relationships we have developed with our clients over the years. Our advisers are dedicated and compassionate people who thrive in helping our clients achieve their lifestyle goals. We would like to share some of our client’s experiences and success stories with you.

Paul (aged 43)

At the beginning of 2009 my wife and I approached Jason Kirk from Sherrin Partners to do a complete assessment of our insurance needs.  We had three children and a mortgage and wanted to ensure that we had sufficient cover in the event of an unforeseen accident. Jason sat with us and discussed our needs, our financial position and what cover we believed that we needed. He then assessed our lifestyle to ensure that any cover that we had was sufficient to maintain our lifestyle.

After we met, Jason put together a detailed review of our current insurance and what cover he recommended we have. He suggested that we keep the life cover with our current provider and retain this cover inside our superannuation. He highlighted that this was in our best interests and as it was already established, he effectively forwent any commission from establishing a new policy.

He also recommended that we take out Trauma Insurance that would cover us if one of us developed a serious medical condition (like cancer or a heart attack). I didn’t think we needed it.  We were both in our late 30’s and were fit and healthy and had never had any medical issues in the past.  Jason explained that this insurance had the potential to cover unforeseen medical expenses and provide financial flexibility if a serious medical condition developed.

He emphasised that the care required following a serious medical condition could impact our savings, make our mortgage repayments more difficult and cause upheaval and financial stress in our family. We agreed to take out trauma insurance and at Jason’s recommendation we paid a small amount more to have the option to reinstate the policy if we ever claimed against it.

Sadly, in 2014 while eating dinner as a family, my 42 year old wife had a stroke and lost full mobility of her left arm and partial mobility of her left leg. Jason became aware of this and in less than 24 hours he contacted me to check on my wife’s condition, offer support and see if there was anything that he could do to help.

He notified me that he had informed the underwriter that we would be making a claim against the policy and that he would be working with them behind the scenes to minimise the work on our behalf to lodge the claim.  Within 48 hours most of the mobility in my wife’s arm and leg had returned, unfortunately she retained a small paralysis in several fingers on her left hand.

When Jason lodged our claim which included all the supporting documentation from doctors and tests, my wife and I thought that it would be a long drawn out process. The work that Jason had done with the underwriter prior to lodgement and the long standing relationship between them and Sherrin Partners meant that our claim was received, reviewed and approved in 72 hours. Four days later we were paid a lump sum of over $600,000.

We cannot thank Jason and Sherrin Partners enough. The money allowed us to pay off our mortgage and set aside money to cover all of our expected school fees expenses. My wife continues to recover well. Her confidence and positive state of mind has been driven, in a large part, by the fact that the Trauma Insurance paid all our medical expenses and left us with financial flexibility.

The trauma insurance payment allowed us to focus 100% on her recovery without worrying about the financial cost. I am, to this day, so thankful for Jason’s advice and his compassion and assistance to our family when things seemed so dark. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason and Sherrin Partners.

Peter (aged 55)

For years I had invested in Life and Trauma insurance with One Path Life but never thought I would actually need it. A visit to the doctor for a persistent cough when exercising changed all that.

A series of tests and specialist visits led to the operating table at the Holy Spirit Hospital in Brisbane, where I underwent triple bypass surgery for blocked coronary arteries. Being self-employed I faced an immediate forced withdrawal from my business for surgery and then for an extended recuperation period. For a small business this was very difficult to manage.

This unexpected event made my investment in Life and Trauma Insurance worth every cent. My insurance policy and trauma claim were handled by Stephanie Woo at Sherrin Partners. The process was smooth, efficient and amazingly quick. The initial claim enquiry to the actual payment of the claim took only one month. You do not have to be self-employed to invest in Life and Trauma cover. In my experience this is an extremely worthwhile investment for anyone and a good way to protect your family.

Stan (aged 67) and Jan (aged 66)

During the global financial crisis of 2008, my spouse and I realised we needed to give some serious thought as to how we were going to survive the turmoil.

We recognised the need to set up a financial plan for our retirement together that wouldn’t compromise the lifestyle we were enjoying.

To achieve this, we needed to find a professional financial advisor who was capable of giving us a personal Statement of Advice and recommendations based on our investment risk profile and our short and long-term financial goals. Jason Kirk of Sherrin Partners Financial Advisors fitted this role perfectly.

The advice Jason provided was first class. It included rearranging our financial portfolios into an income stream which will support us both for the next 15 -20 years. This income stream will enable us to achieve our goals including spending quality time with our grandchildren and close friends, home renovations and the occasional overseas holiday.

We have been more than impressed with the professional, personal and financial advice Sherrin Partners has provided which has enabled us to enjoy an early retirement and feel confident that we have a solid plan in place for the future.