Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement isn’t something you do later on, it’s something you have to start now.

There are many important questions you need to think about long before you start planning for retirement. Can you afford to retire? What sort of lifestyle do you want to enjoy? Can your retirement savings cope with increases in the cost of living? Can your savings last the distance?

Having an effective retirement plan in place allows you to safeguard your future and achieve the lifestyle you’ve worked hard for. Our advisers are skilled in identifying the most tax effective investments for your super, whether it’s in a personal superannuation fund, self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) or a corporate superannuation fund. We can help you make smart financial decisions when facing a redundancy and advise you on other financial issues you may face in the lead up to your retirement.

Making the most of your retirement savings also requires a thorough understanding of the complex tax and superannuation laws. Start planning with an experienced Sherrin Partners’ adviser today.