Transition To Retirement

Whilst you dream about travelling spontaneously, spending more time with your grandchildren or whatever it is you are longing to do, you may prefer to ease into retirement.

If you are approaching retirement age but enjoy working and like your job, you may prefer to ease into retirement. It can take time to get used to a new way of life. Many people are choosing to gradually reduce the hours they work whilst maintaining their current income. This is possible under the ‘transition to retirement’ rules.

If you are aged between 55-64 you may be able to top up your part-time income with a regular income stream from your super savings. An experienced Sherrin Partners’ adviser can show you how this can be done tax effectively.

Did you know that transition to retirement rules can also be used to boost your retirement savings? We can help you develop a personalised plan to help you ease into a world without work. Talk to us today about your retirement options.