What type of life do you want for you and your family?
Your adviser will ask this simple starting question early on, to work out the wealth you need to build.
In developing your personalised wealth creation strategy, the typical starting points include:

  • Optimising your salary package
  • Clearing personal debts ASAP
  • Investing your savings astutely
  • Minimising tax

There’s no pre-defined list of services or conflicts of interest. Our sole focus is in researching the most suitable, tax-efficient investment options to start growing your money.
As your wealth plan takes shape according to your appetite for risk, we’ll look at your longer term goals too: perhaps your priority is supporting your children’s or grandchildren’s education, upgrading your home, or your own retirement?
We’ll help you plan for these and make smarter financial decisions – whatever life throws at you along the way. Typically, this will include:

  • Cash-flow modelling & debt management (including gearing)
  • Up-to-date investment advice (including shares, managed funds, margin loans & short-term money market recommendations)
  • Superannuation, SMSFs & retirement planning

And we’ll stay by your side whether times are rough or it’s plain sailing, helping you review and adjust your portfolio accordingly.